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About Us

A Family Farm providing free range quality and experience.

All of our animals are reared in a natural, open environment. From good pasture to woodland scrub each animal is able  to live, grow and interact with one another in as natural a way as possible.

Our Rare Breed pigs, Scottish sheep, Bronze Turkeys and variety of chickens have already gained a seriously good reputation for flavour, quality and value.

We have also received praise for the ethical approach we take to farming. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, dedication to good animal husbandry and a commitment to education.

Whether it’s fine dining, a special occasion or just an every-day family meal, always ask yourself if you know where your produce came from – it can make all the difference to know your local farmer.

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Townhead Farm is situated within Argyll and Bute on the eastern outskirts of Helensburgh, with uninterrupted views over the Clyde from Kilcreggan through to Ardmore point taking in Dunoon, Gourock and Port Glasgow.  It is approximately ½ mile due north of Drumfork Farm and the Colgrain estate, ½ mile west of the Camis Eskan farm estate and ¼ mile east of the Kirkmichael and Churchill estates.

The Farmhouse and Steadings date from C1750, and you can still see evidence of the original architecture and layout for a well-run farm from that era.  The original farmland, approximately 85 hectares, principally comprised good quality pasture and arable on south facing slopes rising from 40 – 100m above sea level. Creating this took years and required investment in drainage, understanding of climate and environment, and good land management.

During the 1970’s the Farm was amalgamated with Drumfork Farm, which for economic reasons focussed on a dairy operation until the late 1990’s.  Changes within the dairy industry lead to the loss of Drumfork Dairy as a primary provider of local milk and the established infrastructure of Townhead Farm (outbuildings, dykes, fencing, and the general condition of the land) suffered some rapid deterioration as a result.  In its former years Townhead Farm had a history for quality and innovation, taking maximum advantage of its location and topography to develop one of the foremost dairy and arable farms in the area.

Today, in re-establishing itself as a small working farm for today, Townhead Farm now comprises approximately 7.5 hectares of adjoining land, predominantly to the west and northwest, (see attached map) with an additional 4-5 hectares of grazing land that is leased locally. The development plan for the Farm aims to take advantage of the farm's agricultural history, natural topography and its location to deliver product excellence, environmental efficiency and community benefit.

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