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We are currently fully stocked with cheese and have the following flavours:

Mature Cheddar: The best there is! This is our benchmark cheese, A wonderfully mature cheddar cheese. It is rich and creamy, smooth but very slightly crubly with that amazing cheddary punch (or sharpness if you will) at the very end. Our absolute favourite.

Smoked Cheddar: A powerful punchy cheddar, cold smoked to perfection and infused with just a hint of paprika for added smokey depth.

Black Pepper Cheddar: Our amazingly creamy signature cheese carefully combined with Cracked Black Pepper. A beautiful peppery taste that finishes with just a hint of heat…… one word? Spectacular!

The Italian Job: A winning combination of Tomato, Basil and Garlic has beautiful, subtle flavours truly Italian!

Whisky & Orange Cheddar: A wonderful smooth cheddar, laced with orange for balance with undertones of the rich whisky showing through. Put this on your cheeseboard and let your guests decide whats in it.

Black Gold: This little beauty has had some charcoal added to a base of super creamy cheddar. This result is a wonderful depth of flavour with a great visual impact as the cheese is actually black.

Chilli Cheddar: A rich ature cheddar, packed with favour, hen a ick of he chili heat right at the end.

Garlic & Chive: A wonderful creamy cheddar, packed with subtle flavours. Garlic first hen lifted by he delicate flavour of the chives.

Caramelised Red Onion: Another of our beautiful smooth cheeses. This time with a touch of sweetness at first followed by the subtle flavour of onion.

The Wee Yeasty Beastie: Something a little unusual this time. The usual creamy cheese but with a twist. We’ve added a touch of yeast extract giving the cheese a really subtle, savoury flavour. Think twiglets and your in the right sort of flavour zone.

Taste of Christmas: Think of clootie dumpling in a cheese.

Damn Fine Cheese

  • Can be delivered weekly as below:

    • Cardross - Tuesday evening
    • Rhu, Shandon & Garelochhead - Wednesday morning
    • Helensburgh East - Thursday morning
    • Dumbarton - Thursday afternoon
    • Helensburgh West - Friday morning
    • Balloch - Saturday morning


    Can also be collected directly from Townhead Farm, but please do contact us first as Debbie is usually on the road. Also, the road leading up to the farm is not great so please do take care!

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