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Free Range Poultry Farm
Free Range Poultry Farm

Townhead farm

Traditional Local Farming Delivered to Your Doorstep

Welcome to Townhead Farm

We take pride in being local farmers, providing traditional and excellent quality food that is traceable and affordable. We are also pleased to serve our private and business customers, by delivering to their doorstep.

Visit our online shop to browse our seasonal produce available to order.

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Have you tried our Jelly Legs Gin range yet?

Distilled and crafted using traditional methods, Jelly Legs Gin is infused with Bramble juice and spices. Explore the flavours over ice or with a mixer of your choice.

Named after a lamb with a huge personality and will to live... who also enjoys snacking on Brambles!

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About Townhead Farm

A Family Farm providing free range quality and experience.

All of our animals are reared in a natural, open environment.

From good pasture to woodland scrub, each animal is able to live, grow and interact with one another in as natural a way as possible. 

Our Rare Breed pigs, Scottish sheep, Bronze Turkeys and variety of chickens have already gained a seriously good reputation for flavour, quality and value. 

We have also received praise for the ethical approach we take to farming. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, dedication to good animal husbandry and a commitment to education.  

Whether it’s fine dining, a special occasion or just an every-day family meal, always ask yourself if you know where your produce came from – it can make all the difference to know your local farmer. 

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"Best gin liqueur I’ve tasted. Well done Townhead Farm"

News From Our Farm

Bird Flu Update (Feb 2024)

Although Avian Flu is no longer making headlines, there are still outbreaks. A recent case on Valentines day last week saw 48,000 hens affected in Yorkshire. The hens are youngsters recently placed and will all be destroyed.

With bird flu now in the wild bird population it is impossible to contain. There is no insurance available for most of us in the egg industry, and you cant just restock and start again.

Over the last two years we have had to make major changes to the business to accommodate the additional biosecurity. We no longer do farm visits, have boot washing stations strategically placed and discourage any walkers from using the farm as a short cut to and from the town.

John is the only person to go into each of the hen houses with all vet and official visitors boot dipping and putting on full PPE. To be fair we have done this for so long now that it comes as second nature.

We have to protect our livestock, livelihood and business. It only takes germs carried on footwear to cause mayhem!


Jelly Legs Gin

Both John and I are really excited to announce the launch of our first Gin which will be for sale for the first time at the Winter Festival in Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh on Saturday the 9th and Sunday 10th December.

I had the idea some years ago and had put in some sloe bushes which have failed to produce a single sloe in the six years they have been planted! A bumper crop of brambles this year reignited the idea and we were able to find a distillery that could make us a bramble liqueur gin to our specification.

Many of you will remember the gutsy little lamb who survived against incredible odds who the youngsters nicknamed ‘Jelly Legs’.

The Gin is gutsy, full of flavour and very tasty and if you drink too much of it, you too will have ‘Jelly Legs’.

It is in 50cl bottles, 20% ABV and priced at £23.99 - Order yours here.

Damn Fine Cheese

We are currently fully stocked with cheese and have the following flavours:

Mature Cheddar: The best there is! This is our benchmark cheese, A wonderfully mature cheddar cheese. It is rich and creamy, smooth but very slightly crumbly with that amazing cheddary punch (or sharpness if you will) at the very end. Our absolute favourite.

Smoked Cheddar: A powerful punchy cheddar, cold smoked to perfection and infused with just a hint of paprika for added smokey depth.

Black Pepper Cheddar: Our amazingly creamy signature cheese carefully combined with Cracked Black Pepper. A beautiful peppery taste that finishes with just a hint of heat…… one word?

The Italian Job: A winning combination of Tomato, Basil and Garlic has beautiful, subtle flavours truly Italian!

Whisky & Orange Cheddar: A wonderful smooth cheddar, laced with orange for balance with undertones of the rich whisky showing through. Put this on your cheeseboard and let your guests decide what's in it.

Black Gold: This little beauty has had some charcoal added to a base of super creamy cheddar. This result is a wonderful depth of flavour with a great visual impact as the cheese is actually black.

Chilli Cheddar: A rich mature cheddar, packed with flavour, then a kick of the chilli heat right at the end.

Garlic & Chive: A wonderful creamy cheddar, packed with subtle flavours. Garlic first then lifted by the delicate flavour of the chives.

Caramelised Red Onion: Another of our beautiful smooth cheeses. This time with a touch of sweetness at first followed by the subtle flavour of onion.

The Wee Yeasty Beastie: Something a little unusual this time. The usual creamy cheese but with a twist. We’ve added a touch of yeast extract giving the cheese a really subtle, savory flavour. Think twiglets and you're in the right sort of flavour zone.

Taste of Christmas: Think of clootie dumpling in a cheese.

Delicious Cheese can be delivered with eggs, £5 per cheese. Order yours here.

"Just love seeing your wee updates on the all the animals. Keep them coming, it’s all very interesting!" 

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